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The Winds of Sophia

Forth winds come,
Enter and admire as the clouds divide
Soon will all be revealed to the wise and the foolish
None are withheld the knowledge of love
Trust in man, failure abides
Forever are we destined to travel and ask
What for this life, what for?

As to the one and the two,
Neither resides in the infinite
Zero and all are but differences of view
Come reside in me and I’ll reside in you
Then all revelation will be meaningless
6 and 5 are redundant
Admonish those who doubt
Failure to follow is failure of self
Those who wander will cry out in despair
Love conquers pain so love all
All is naught and you
Yet how to love is easy shown
Look in to find and see
But one will show the way of all and he not easily
Cast out doubt, cast out despair
The way of return is opened and shown

Discover not the fall of man but walk the way of return
Look forward to bliss not back to despair
Church rites are dead
Take the sandal strap and loose yourself
All is glad at your reception.

Sophia beckons to one and all
Take courage and fight
The crown is yours.

“Received” – 13.41 – 11-10-2006 C.E.

Creative Commons Attr-NC-ND 3.0 License