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An Incomplete Comment on Liber Al

Whilst study of Liber Al is forbidden I think it is fair to say that many have ignored this command. ‘The Comment’ seems to imply that studying and using comments by other authors is not the way to go and that your own personal interpretation must be referenced rather than that of another. The writings of Aleister Crowley are, however, an exception.

What follows in the next few pages are my own interpretations of select lines from Liber Al and are archived here for my own reference. If they seem to shed light for you please see ‘The Comment’ at the end of Liber Al for better advice.

It is safe to say that my interpretations suffer from influences gained from my reading and personal experience, and, as you have not lived my life, that is the reason they should be ignored. I feel this is the reasoning behind ‘The Comment’.

Creative Commons Attr-NC-ND 3.0 License