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Another thing…

And another thing… should anyone be interested, I have a new Twitter account – @Frater66 – which is rarely used but now remains entirely Thelemic. To be honest, I use it to keep abreast of all things New Aeony and I rarely feel I have anything worthy to contribute, but that may just be false […]

Updates, updates, updates.

It was recently that I realised that I had neglected this site somewhat and in doing so I gathered myself up and delved into what was possible to add. The post yesterday – Weak Willed? – was a draft that I had penned a while back, so up it went. I have added a new […]

Site Restructure

Should anyone be bothered, they will notice the site is undergoing a bit of renovation. I am trying to apply the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid) and this may end up with the blog section becoming even less used than it is now… or it could be updated more often… or not… ahem… I’ve […]

Thelemalink gone…

It had to happen… As can be seen, I am not the most frequent poster and Thelemalink was even more a demand. It fell behind so much that the thought of updating it and removing dead links was scary; so I forgot, and forgot, and forgot. I even forgot to renew the domains so the […]

Twitter removed

Ok.. My twitter account has been removed/cancelled as the content of that account wasn’t even remotely associated with Thelema and was digressing just a bit too far from what I want to use this account for… So fr66 at Twitter is no more 93 93/93

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