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Gnosis and LVX available while stocks last!

93 Role up, role up, get yer LVX ‘ere! Yup, The Gospel of Thomas and a whole wodge of Golden Dawn material from 0=0 through to 7=4 has been put up in the library, so you know what to do. 93 93/93

The Library expands (well… sorta)

93 Fr. 66’s Ceremonial Magick Resource is coming along reasonably quickly now but as I import the documents and update various things I realise that the library, as a whole, desperately needs expanding. Some areas are pretty well covered for the beginner, and Fr. M.D. was good enough to prepare some other texts so that […]

Library | Fr 66’s Ceremonial Magick Resource

Excuse the confusion but I have updated my site. Fr 66’s Ceremonial Magick Resource is now located on it’s own link. All resources are there for the moment however I do plan to integrate them fully into the system I am using. I trust your Will will allow you to find what you wish…

Updates, updates, updates.

It was recently that I realised that I had neglected this site somewhat and in doing so I gathered myself up and delved into what was possible to add. The post yesterday – Weak Willed? – was a draft that I had penned a while back, so up it went. I have added a new […]

Site Restructure

Should anyone be bothered, they will notice the site is undergoing a bit of renovation. I am trying to apply the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid) and this may end up with the blog section becoming even less used than it is now… or it could be updated more often… or not… ahem… I’ve […]

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