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This is a personal site containing the dubious ramblings of a Thelemic book worm. Take no heed of any opinions and thoughts here, mine is a personal path and your own opinions and beliefs matter more to you than mine.

No authority is claimed or assumed. Any errors are mine and I may correct them one day, should I ever notice them. I have no interest in discussing the issues raised here and will not alter anything because someone disagrees with me. Comments are disabled to prevent insult when I delete them.

Should any of you decide to invoke Choronzon and send him my way, I’ll have a word with him and send him back to sour your milk.

Any quotes from copy righted material are for educational purposes only and used under fair use policy. No rights infringement is intended.

On a lighter note… 93 everybody!

Creative Commons Attr-NC-ND 3.0 License