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Monthly Archives: April 2017


93 I am in an envious position to some. I live a life on a permanent high, legally, and for free. I get morphine on the NHS for a rather nasty dose of pancreatitis and it kills the pain almost completely. Sometimes my pancreas flares up and I have a bottle of liquid morphine to […]

Gnosis and LVX available while stocks last!

93 Role up, role up, get yer LVX ‘ere! Yup, The Gospel of Thomas and a whole wodge of Golden Dawn material from 0=0 through to 7=4 has been put up in the library, so you know what to do. 93 93/93

The Library expands (well… sorta)

93 Fr. 66’s Ceremonial Magick Resource is coming along reasonably quickly now but as I import the documents and update various things I realise that the library, as a whole, desperately needs expanding. Some areas are pretty well covered for the beginner, and Fr. M.D. was good enough to prepare some other texts so that […]

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