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Just what are all these 93’s you see dotted around the Thelemic world?

Good question; and a fair one too. It is even contested within the Thelemic community as to whether they should be used at all. But that doesn’t answer the question, does it…

93 is the enumeration (Qabalisticly speaking) of two central words in the Thelemic philosophy; Thelema and Agape. Thelema meaning ‘Will’ in Greek and Agape means ‘Love’.

To make life easier for me I’ll refer you directly to a Wikipedia article on this very subject as whoever wrote it has done a reasonable job and made it simple enough to understand – When I say simple, I don’t mean to talk down to anyone, it’s just that some Thelemic sites try to match Crowley’s verbosity which isn’t easy to follow unless you’ve read quite a bit of his work.

In summary, 93 93/93 is a short hand way of fulfilling Aleister Crowley’s advice that Thelemites should quote the Law in all correspondence, and the 93’s are a shorthand way of doing so.

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