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Monthly Archives: February 2011


Just what are all these 93’s you see dotted around the Thelemic world? Good question; and a fair one too. It is even contested within the Thelemic community as to whether they should be used at all. But that doesn’t answer the question, does it… 93 is the enumeration (Qabalisticly speaking) of two central words […]

Another thing…

And another thing… should anyone be interested, I have a new Twitter account – @Frater66 – which is rarely used but now remains entirely Thelemic. To be honest, I use it to keep abreast of all things New Aeony and I rarely feel I have anything worthy to contribute, but that may just be false […]

Updates, updates, updates.

It was recently that I realised that I had neglected this site somewhat and in doing so I gathered myself up and delved into what was possible to add. The post yesterday – Weak Willed? – was a draft that I had penned a while back, so up it went. I have added a new […]

Weak Willed?

To pursue one’s Will is the ultimate goal of many a Thelemite and any who manage to discover their true Will will probably attest to a burning desire to proceed unencumbered. Knowledge of Thelemic doctrine will assist those who know it, but eventual Knowledge and Conversation with their HGA will dispose them of any need […]

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