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Site Restructure

Should anyone be bothered, they will notice the site is undergoing a bit of renovation. I am trying to apply the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid) and this may end up with the blog section becoming even less used than it is now… or it could be updated more often… or not… ahem…

I’ve wanted to restructure the place to allow articles to be added without necessarily having to surf to a poorly updated blog first of all. I have added a page about why I chose ’66’ as my motto already and an incomplete comment on Liber Al will be up soon however this is a work in progress so what goes up will be an incomplete ‘An Incomplete Comment’. 🙂

Anyway, other stuff will hopefully arrive over time, much of which will be a personal archive of writings I decide I want on here. If anyone finds it useful, great, but it really isn’t a place to educate yourselves. Uncle Al should be your first stop, then your own heart.

I will put up some links but it won’t be like the now defunct ‘Thelema Link Resource’ as that was just too much like hard work to keep up to date and other sites seem to do a better job anyway.

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