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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Twitter removed

Ok.. My twitter account has been removed/cancelled as the content of that account wasn’t even remotely associated with Thelema and was digressing just a bit too far from what I want to use this account for… So fr66 at Twitter is no more 93 93/93

Simple Advice

Take it from me, never, ever, ever try to fit your own lavatory cistern. Bruised knuckles, scratch hands and leaks everywhere are just not worth it. Get a plumber in!!! grrr…. 93 93/93

It begins

So I go blogging my way into realms that will not always be Thelemic. I have my Thelema Links site which will always and only be of a Thelemic and Magickal nature but here I will wander the ways of the world and probably come across as a nearly-Thelemite. To be truthful, that is probably […]

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